USAID and ABT: Curriculum for capability development


USAID and ABT have been supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working in the area of maternal and child health for many decades. Having met many of their needs to technical, financial and training support, USAID and ABT felt the need to help these CSOs to expand their capability to raise funds locally from Corporates and individuals.


CMO on Demand: Strategy and Planning for Organisational Development

  • Aaroh leads a Need Gap analysis to understand the challenges Civil Society Organisations face today to raise funds locally from Corporates and Individuals in India
  • USAID and ABT appoint Aaroh to develop a curriculum for organizational development that will help CSOs raise funds locally
  • Aaroh leads a consortium to help Civil Society Organisations develop business capabilities and financial sustainability for themselves through the principles of Social enterprise


Marketing on the Tap: Development and testing of Curriculum

  • Aaroh creates outline for topics and creates consortium to develop curriculum
  • Aaroh anchors topics on leadership, strategic planning and communications, thereby enabling organisations to connect with their stakeholders. Other Aaroh Founders anchor Legal, Finance and Due Diligence. Consortium partners and Aaroh Founders anchor Fund Raising and Social enterprise
  • Aaroh delivers this curriculum in two states – Rajasthan and Jharkhand to verify content and do the second level check to ensure alignment to the requirements on the ground
  • Curriculum being rolled out across other states and other functional areas in India