US Forest Services


The US Government through USFS and other government agencies, has worked with the Indian Government for over 30 years to jointly save and conserve forests and wildlife. USFS at this juncture considered it important to record this highly successful association

Documenting a collaboration of over 30 years between the US and Indian Government in the area of Forest and wildlife conservation through the medium of succinct short films.


CMO on Demand: Creating an approach, developing the story line

  • Identifying key elements of the project over the last 30 years
  • Going through the history of the collaborations, identifying anecdotes, photographs and key milestones
  • Stitching them together into aninteresting and poignant story told over 30 years
  • Creating an interesting story from some very basic facts. A story which embodies the essence of the collaboration while incorporating personal anecdotes, major achievements, future of the collaborations, effect it has had on the relationships at a personal as well community and the government levels


Marketing on the Tap: Creating the film

  • On location shoot, editing and finalisation into a short, interesting and informative films which will be used globally as an important showcase for USFS collaborations with governments across the world towards conservation of forests and wildlife.